Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A classical music interlude

It's a lovely day here. The morning was sunny and not too buggy so I was able to spend hours in the garden, then we went for a drive and by the time we got home I just managed to get the laundry in before it got soaked by the daily showers. Happiness!

I haven't offered up any music for a while, so here are a few quick pieces from youtube for y'all, just a few snippets of pieces we have in our music library in case you might want to add them to yours. I recommend viewing the last video full screen.

First, a little Mozart .. I particularly love the strings in this Andante, although the piano's not too shabby either ..

A little Grieg - "Last Spring" it's called. A little bit melancholy yet oh so pretty piece.

Lastly, now call me sentimental if you wish, but this (obviously well rehearsed!) flash mob chokes me up every time I see it. It makes me feel better about human beings. Would Beethoven approve? I think so.

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