Monday, 23 January 2017

The annual cabin fever post

A thaw at this time of year isn't necessarily a good thing, and we've been in the midst of one for too long. It certainly isn't pretty. The snowbanks are gritty and brown, the roads are riddled with pot holes which are full of water. Cars going through the pot hole/lake just out there on our street splash brown water almost to the house. Yuck.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Golden threads and shiny silver snares

When we create, how much do we create and how much do we just discover that lies there, always, behind the ordinary, waiting to be revealed?

Most writers (and other artists) would love to be able to answer that question but none of us can, not definitively.

Creativity involves a shift in consciousness. It's sometimes so profoundly different from normal states that we become unaware of the ordinary world around us. It is as though we go somewhere else, to a place behind this one, the place that underpins this one .. other times the ordinary world becomes imbued with the stuff of that other place, the two worlds blend, so that this one sparkles as though lit from within.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Music for a Sunday morning

I have to admit, I love youtube (for some things).

Today I found 2 versions of one of my favourite pieces of music, a track from Peter Gabriel's "Passion Sources". That's a collection of music from the Middle East (and surrounds) that he used as inspiration when writing another album, "Passions". Both albums are available in full on youtube.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Repost - Not content, but context

Here's a ranty little piece from about a year ago, back when hardly anyone read this blog. New readers take note, I still feel this way - if anything more strongly than ever.

In the Native traditions, the plants, trees and sometimes even the mountains are referred to as the Standing People. The animals, too, are spoken of as Peoples. To speak this way about Creation is not anthropomorphism, not "elevating" non-humans to human status. These traditions acknowledge that Creation is alive and sentient in a thousand ways, some similar to, some different from ours, but all of them legitimate. "All our relations" is a newly popularized, yet ancient saying that expresses this traditional belief that we and Creation are family.

When we honour these standing people we honour their Creator, and ours.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A test of the system - and a lesson in vulnerability


Well it was a heck of a storm. Everything that could have fallen from the sky, did. Snow, in rather large amounts, alternating with freezing rain, rain and ice pellets. So it was not a surprise when from off in the distance, came the BUZZ/flash of transformers blowing. At first, brown-outs, but just after I went to bed down everything went.

It's remarkable how not dark it was. Not a bulb was lit anywhere for miles and miles, but it's as though snow stores light. It glows in the dark.

So next morning, Paul brought out the little camp stove (butane) and we managed to have coffee just fine. Midmorning, the power came back on, so we fixed breakfast and went to do our monthly big shop in Pembroke. It's a longish trip, so we didn't get back until around 2 p.m. Again, no power.

Well, shit.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Reprising an old post - You gotta get in to get out

Brother Ed Hurst and I have been chatting by email about something called the Heart Math Institute. The folks there had some interesting research several years back about the heart as an organ of perception. But in recent years, they've decided to cash in, and because everyone likes apps, they've created apps whereby you can see if you're meditating 'correctly', or if your positive thoughts are positive enough to affect your heart rhythms. Etc. 

It's abominable, as far as I am concerned, to further divorce people from their bodies in this way, to make them reliant on a piece of technology for feedback when the senses we're born with can serve us just fine in that department.

This is the beginning of the age of the Borg, my friends, don't be fooled.  

Anyhow, it reminded me of this post I did a couple of years ago ..  

Why do I preach so much about our relationships with our bodies? In the long run, to make it easier for us to leave them behind.