Thursday, 23 November 2017

A crockpot decoction experiment

This post isn't strictly about mullein, but it begins there.

I've got my slow cooker on the counter and it's on a good simmer. After a few hours cooking last evening and sitting to cool overnight it's been humming along all day. It holds my latest experiment, a couple of days' long deep decoction of 4 or 5 quite small first year mullein plants, roots and leaves together. One doesn't usually decoct (as in simmer for a long time) the leaves of plants because they're too delicate; decoctions are for the tough stuff like barks and roots. But as I said, this is an experiment. Besides, mullein leaves are made of stronger stuff than most leaves, and I want to find out just what they'll offer up this way.

I dug the plants out of the snow yesterday as we were having a bit of a thaw - oh man, that was fun - because, well, I have lots of mullein out there and I could. It's been calling me, mullein has.

The rest of this post is over here at the garbling blog. It's opened up again, so anyone can read it, no membership required (don't ask, it's a long story).

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Making ourselves over

In the video below, the (to my mind very interesting) psychology professor Jordan Peterson responds to a question about the cliche of 'following your passion'. He ends by saying ".. so if you want to personalise your life .. you'd better act in a way that makes you a reliable guide". 

Oh boy. That's a mouthful.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A kitchen table philosophy moment

Heaven knows why, but Paul and I were up by about 4:30 this morning. Now, 6 or so, just starting the second pot of coffee - would you like a cup? - and I'm eyeing the brownies on the kitchen counter, tempted to have one for breakfast. I probably shouldn't but you know what? I might anyway! How about you? They're really good ..

There's some kind of Big Weather coming our way. The forecasters aren't sure whether what's about to fall out of the sky will be snow or rain, only that a considerable amount of something will fall. But the old guys hanging around the garage when Paul took the car in yesterday were saying snow, and I kinda hope they're right. The first snowfall is always welcome.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Adult content

Isn't it funny how "adult content" implies sexual content? As though the only thing that's not suitable for children is sex .. or maybe violence, although heaven knows kids get to see an awful lot of both in movies. Smoking, now that's a no-no in movies or even real life exposure. God forbid your kid sees someone smoking at the park (ciggies are outlawed in Canadian parks now.) We coddle our children selectively, don't we. (A statement, not a question).

What about how we coddle ourselves? Each other? How we, as adults, speak only in hushed terms or euphemisms about certain subjects that we really ought to be more open about, at least within our intimate relationships, ie our marriages and families?

Saturday, 11 November 2017

"Just because you have a pussy doesn't mean you should be one"

Don't mind me, I've been watching Camille Paglia videos, and today's title is a quote, a comment someone left on youtube. (I think it's t-shirt worthy, I love it).

The idea, basically, is about women standing up for themselves, especially when it comes to dealing with so called "sexual predators", aka asshats who can't keep it in their pants. I'll offer you the video in question at the end of this post.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Well on the way to all better!

Hey, was I dark when I wrote that most recent post or what? It sure wasn't pleasant to re-read just now, but I wrote it, and I'm leaving it up, as a record of what being drugged does to me.

I saw my physiotherapist/acupuncturist lady (the wonderful Sheena) yesterday. That woman has x-ray vision, I swear. The problem was in my thoracic spine, 3 of my ribs had sort of detached themselves from their little notches there. It's called rib subluxation, if you want to look it up. Painful? Oh yeah. Easily fixed by Sheena's skilled healing hands though. God, she is such a blessing! A round of acupuncture afterward to help me release all the tension from the week of pain (and then some) and I'm good to go. Still damn tender, though, which she tells me will take 'probably less than a week' to resolve .. especially if I do the stretches she prescribed. I do tend to slack off in that area, possibly how I got into this mess in the first place.

For the record, treating this topically did/is doing me the most good. Apparently, the spine/ribs popped back into place with ease compared to some cases, and I can't help but wonder if that was thanks to the mullein root compresses. Alder oil and St John's oil, combined, help ease the bruised, beat up feeling and extinguish the fire in the nerves, respectively. Aspen tincture, a few drops by mouth once in a while, was also helpful for the pain and especially the fear that came in waves due to just not knowing what the blazes this was.

Whatever else this was, it was a learning experience and all in all I'm about done thinking & talking about it. Pain is, well, a pain! Yuck!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Wherein your writer walks a half mile in someone else's shoes

Paul (my husband, co-pilot and all around nice guy) just looked at me with a great deal of sympathy and said "Aw .. you're still pretty, even though you're not Christine".


I'm on hour #8 of a 12 hr trip on a drug called Naproxen Sodium (brand name Aleve) and oh my do I ever not like it.

I don't like drugs, period, but once in a while - like when the pinched nerve in your back (or whatever the hell this is) makes it feel like someone has a knife in your ribs - you gotta go there. My xanthoxylum tincture isn't ready to try yet, and extra-strength Tylenol hadn't even touched this pain. During the day, mullein root compresses and alder oil slatherings made it so I could kinda go about my day, but the nights have been torture; it's worse when I lie down. So when my son recommended this stuff to help me make it through til I can see my acupuncturist I thought, well, okay ..